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Auto Repair  | David's Automotive Corporation

Folks around Memphis know that they can count on David’s Automotive Corporation for all their auto repair needs. Our goal is that...

HID | David's Automotive Corporation

More and more of the cars you see on the road here in Memphis are sporting strange lights. They’re called HID headlights...

Tires  | David's Automotive Corporation

Your tires are literally, where the rubber meets the road. When your tires are in good condition and inflated properly, your car...

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High Standards of Quality

Keeping your car on the road and in tip-top shape is a priority. Can you imagine life without your car? That’s a nightmare, but even if your car is in the shop for only a few days, it can be a real headache. Here at David’s Automotive Corporation in Memphis, TN, we’re dedicated to keeping your car running right, and getting it back on the road quickly and safely if it breaks down.

Safety and reliability always come first, but sometimes you can mix in some fun too. Thinking along those lines, we’re proud to offer HID headlights. This new technology offers far brighter headlights for improved visibility, and gives you the option to have different colored lights too, meaning improved performance and more fun. Sounds like a winner.

Auto Repair and Maintenance—If your car is broken down, we’ll fix it, but we would rather maintain it for you so you never have to deal with emergency repairs.
HID Headlights—The latest in automotive headlights. We’ve got the kits you need to add these to your vehicle. Lots of light output, and cool colors too!
New & Used Tires—Quality new or used tires will keep your car safely on the road. Whatever you choose, we have the tires you need.

Our staff is well trained and has plenty of experience. We hold the team to high standards of quality and service so you know you’ll get a fair deal with us. We want you to be happy with the work we do and come back again and again.

Don’t wait until your car breaks down to call us. Our quality parts and service will keep your vehicle running better, and safer, for longer. Install some of our HID headlights and you’ll see further too! Contact your auto repair and maintenance team at David’s Automotive Corporation today!